Wednesday, December 8, 2021

N Korean supremo Kim bans wearing of mini-skirts, fishnet stockings

PYONGYANG: North Korean supremo Kim Jong Un has banned women from wearing of mini-skirts, floral-patterned tights and  fishnet stockings in the streets of his Kingdom in a bizarre crackdown.

In a surprising move, North Korean supreme leader also banned the women  from dying their hair and watching South Korean movies, calling it ‘anti-Socialist’ behaviour.

As per reports,  those showing too much leg by stepping out in skirts about the knee are being fined £3.

Earlier this month, Kim reportedly instructed the officials to declare war on capitalist influences that also include copying the ‘provocative’ dance moves of South Korean K-pop groups.

Owning foreign mobile phones, watching or listening to South Korean movies, dramas or pop music and ‘provocative’ dancing are also outlawed and being considered as anti-socialist acts.

Source: The News

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