Thursday, October 21, 2021

COVID-19: Data shows Pakistan utilising only a third of its testing capacity

Pakistan has a capacity of conducting over 70,000 coronavirus tests per day but due to multiple reasons, it is utilising only 42% of its capacity, according to the data of the ministry of national health services regulation and coordination, compiled by

For the 18th consecutive day on Tuesday, testing in the country registered a reduction after hitting a record-high on June 19, the data revealed.

The ministry, which provides daily statistics of the outbreak, noted that on July 7 Pakistan carried out 21,951 tests across the country, which is only 30% of its total testing capacity.

As per the National Command Operation Center (NCOC), Pakistan has a testing output of 71,780 tests per day for the virus at its 133 laboratories.

A further breakdown of the testing numbers highlights that Pakistan tested its highest coronavirus samples to date on June 19, of over 31,000.

Since then, the test numbers have dropped daily, tumbling to its lowest on June 29, of only 20,930 tests. While on other days, Pakistan utilized between 29 to 42% of its testing capacity across the country.

The largest drop in diagnosing samples was witnessed in Punjab, where only 7,659 tests were carried out on Tuesday, 44% of the province’s capacity.

Testing in Sindh also slid, falling to 9,317 tests per day, compared to the previous day when it tested over 12,000 specimens. The province’s testing capacity has continued to fluctuate between over 13,000 in late June to more than 9,000 tests per day on Tuesday.

Date Test Numbers
June 19 31,681
June 20 28,855
June 21 30,520
June 22 24,599
June 23 23,380
June 24 21,835
June 25 21,041
June 26 21,033
June 27 25, 013
June 28 23,009
June 29 20,930
June 30 22,418
July 01 22,128
July 02 22,941
July 03 22,050
July 04 25,527
July 05 22,271
July 06 24,577
July 07 21,951

Source: The News

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