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A dozen in run for Sajjad Memorial Cup race

LAHORE: In a card of nine races, Sheikh Sajjad Hassan Memorial Cup is the main segment of the 12th day Lahore winter meeting 2020-21 on Sunday (today).

In all there are eight plate races and a cup race: four back-to-back Conflict Plates and then the cup race, followed by the remaining plates. The first five races are of a mile run while the last four are of 1100 metres.

The opening race is a maiden run of 15 class VII and division V horses. This Conflict Plate race has Jogaani, Artolgali, Jee Aya Nu, La Ilam, Jhoom Sayen, Finisher, Son of Jutt, Azm-e-Nau, Black Storm, New Market, Great Warrior, Master Prince, Lucky Time. Bright Bomber is favourite for win and Days Gone and Shining Armour for places.

The second race which is of class VII and division-V has After Hero as favourite with expectation for places on Zahid Love and Lucky Time. The lineup also has Mani Love, Stella, Bano, Take Care, Anmole One, She, Meray Pass Tum Ho and Sheba.

The third class VII and division-IV race has eyes for win on Prince of Multan and place are likely to be taken by Jonti Road and Ayubia Princess. The others in the race are Surkhab, Natalia, Neeli The Great, Chan Punjabi, Smiling Again, Big Foot, Fakhr-e-Ravi Road, Dimple and Sajree.

The fourth Conflict Plate, which is of class VII and division-II and III, has seven in the run but all expect Khan Jee to win. The places may be won by Zoaq-e-Yaqeen and Buzkushi. The other participants are Miss World, Wahab Choice, Narowali Princess and Princess Mehera.

The fifth is the Sheikh Saiiad Hassan Memorial Cup, which is a termed race for two-year-olds TBP and HB for a maiden run. The field of 12 horses has Samsa as the favourite for first position and for places Gun Metal and Widad are in the line. The field also has Warriors Call, Hassan’s Champion, Sword of Faateh, Rough Diamond, Mr Gondal, Salam-e-Haider, Taksim Square, Nawab and Thousand Love.

The sixth race of class VI and division-I, II and III has Fair Beauty favourite for win. Marmaris and Dahab are likely to win places. The others in the run are Al Akbar, Pockets, Sajni, Exceptional One and Jharra.

The seventh race of the day is of class VI and division-IV. Here Rapunzel Beauty is favouirte for first position and Final Call and Your Flame In Me for places. The remaining participants are Welldone Pakistan, Prince Albert, Gondal Prince and Amazing Runner.

The seventh Conflict Plate and eight race of the day is of class VII and division-I with Believe Me as favouirte. The places winners may be Prince of Arab and Manthaar. The field also has Rehmat Ka Phool, Missing My Love, Salam-e-Dera, Shahbaz, Sublime, Malika Princess, Famous One, Qalandra, Friends Forever and Jabbar Prince.

In the last race of the day, Parwaz-e-Hassan is favourite. This class VII and division-II has Dazzling and lbram Prince in line for places while remaining runners are Zandora, Silken Black, The Kingdom and Senator.

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