Monday, October 18, 2021

PCB’s first female director feels proud

LAHORE: Alia Zafar, the first independent female director of the Pakistan Cricket Board, feels proud to be a part of the organisation.

For the first time, the PCB has added independent directors who will be members of the PCB Governing Board.

According to the 2019 constitution, four independent members have been appointed to the governing board of the PCB, who have been named as independent directors, including a female director.

Alia, a human resource specialist, told reporters: “I am proud to be a part of history. The PCB has appointed Independent Directors in the Governing Board to further improve governance and I am one of them. So that makes me happy too.

“I think the governance of the PCB is better than before and to make it even better, the PCB has taken a good step by appointing independent directors,” she said.

Alia said it is very important to have women in every field. “I am the first female cricket director in the region. Definitely I will be an inspiration to other women.

“Women are by no means inferior to men. You look at the board exams, the girls are topping, they don’t lack skills, they just lack opportunities,” she said and added: “I have now the opportunity, I will definitely do my part.”

“I am associated with HR, I have been made the Chairperson of the HR Committee. I will make suggestions for improvement in the area where improvement is needed,” she said.

“We are independent members, this is the change, we are not taking salaries, if we are part of the board, we can give our independent analysis. We have no interest of our own so we can’t be a rubber stamp, we have to improve governance,” she added.

Source: The News

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