Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jimmy Kimmel recreates Andrew Lincoln’s famous card scene to take swipe at Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel reportedly roasted Donald Trump as  he reenacted  the famous cards scene in which Andrew Lincoln’s Mark declares his love for Keira Knightley’s Juliet.

The new version of the famous scene,  which aired on Tuesday’s episode of his late-night show,  Kimmel is seen visiting Trump at the White House, much like Mark does to Juliet.

Kimmel – who is an American television host, comedian, writer and producer – cues Trump to tell Melania Trump that ‘it’s carol singers’.

According to the Independent , it is not a declaration of love, but rather a medley of Trump’s actions throughout his presidency. ‘You’ve told over 20,000 lies,’ one card reads.

Another card shows Trump ‘paid only $750 in taxes’ – a reference to a New York Times report according to which Trump paid $750 in taxes the year he won the presidency, and again the following year.

Kimmel also displayed: ‘You deny science’, ‘You tried to ban Tik Tok’, and ‘You tried to kill healthcare and democracy’.

Source: The News

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