Thursday, October 21, 2021

Indian state ratifies controversial anti-cow slaughter bill amid massive uproar

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BENGALURU: Slaughter of cows has been banned in the Indian state of Karnataka as a controversial bill in this regard was approved in the Karnataka Assembly amid massive uproar, with the Congress members staging a walkout in protest here on Wednesday.

After the controversial anti-cow slaughter bill was passed, a total ban on the slaughter of cows has been imposed in the state while strict action will be taken against those who engage in smuggling, illegal transportation, “atrocities” on cows and slaughtering them, according to Indian media.

Police have been given additional powers to conduct checking. There is a provision to set up special courts for the speedy trial of the accused.

Besides cows and calves, the bill also intends to protect buffaloes and their calves less than 12 years of age.

The law will also gives protection to those who protect these livestock.

Source: The News

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