Tuesday, December 7, 2021

International brand’s costly sunglasses trolled on social media

Photo courtesy Gucci

Sometimes, luxury brands bring  such strange products into the market that they end up being trolled  on social media.

The widely known Italian fashion house Gucci has  decided to have a rather quirky and unusual inclusion in their recently launched sunglasses range.

For reasons best known to the designers, the brand is calling the accessory ‘Inverted Cat Eye Sunglasses’ and yes it is made to look as if it is upside down, for real.

The sunglasses prices at $755 (more than Rs120,000) was surely a hard pill  on social media  to swallow for netizens.

In a series of tweets, a user named Porochista Khakpour,  shared several pictures of the luxury fashion brand selling the sunglasses along with a tweet that read: “Gucci, why are we doing this?”

In the next tweet, she said that though it was understandable that this year has been tough, the product being priced at $755 was not.

One person said, “Looking at this make me so uncomfortable.” Another quipped, “These designers are quarantined and going mad.”

Some pointed out that the product could be “Inspired by Dennis Taylor.”

British retail chain Specsavers responded to one tweet by saying: “Hopefully this doesn’t catch on. It’ll cost millions turning our stores upside down.”

It then proceeded to “fix” the glasses.

Source: The News

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