Monday, October 25, 2021

Is Ivanka looking to enter mainstream politics after Trump’s defeat?

Ivanka Trump. — AFP/Files

WASHINGTON:  Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of US president Donald Trump, will soon be taking part in politics, American media has predicted.

Speculations abound that  Ivanka  will contest  the next  Senate elections from Florida.

Ivanka will contest for a Senate seat from Florida in 2022 when current Republican incumbent Marco Rubio’s seat is up for re-election, according to media reports.

Rubio was a harsh critic of Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination race but later became a loyal supporter of Trump once he had won the election.

Ivanka was working as senior adviser to the president at White House along with her husband  Jared Kushner but various rumours are circulating about her  future  after her father  lost the election  for  his second term as president.

Trump’s daughter has been accused of using the tax-exempted funds of a non-profit organisation to benefit   the  real estate business  and  other companies  of  Trump.

However, Ivanka, promptly rejecting the allegations, termed them  as a ploy for  political revenge.

Source: The News

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