Tuesday, December 7, 2021

After divorcing Meghan Markle’s friend, Prince William’s pal plans second marriage

New York-based British millionaire Alexander Gilkes and former  tennis star Maria Sharapova recently  announced their engagement. 

Alexander Gilkes, a friend of Prince William, was previously married to Misha Nanoo a US based, British-Bahraini fashion designer and a friend of Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Misha and Gilkes ended their five-year marriage in 2017. Gilkes started dating five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova after parting his ways with Misha.

The pair announced their engagement via Instagram, leaving royal fans wondering whether Meghan Markle and Prince William will publicly comment on the development.

Most of social media users were of the view that given the circumstances of Meghan and Harry’s departure from the UK the Duchess was not likely to comment on the engagement of her friends’ former husband.

They said Prince William is also not expected to publicly express his best wishes for his pal Alexander and Maria Sharapova. 

Source: The News

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