Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Crown: Relationship between ‘good-natured’ Queen and Meghan, Harry will improve

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were due to arrive in the United Kingdom  to spend Christmas with  the royal family, months after they stepped down from their royal duties.

The Duke and Duchess postpone their plan after Meghan Markle’s case hearing  which was due in January was postponed on her request.

Royal fans were convinced that their reunion will   improve the relationship between  the couple and Queen Elizabeth.

Netflix show “The Crown” portrays young Princess Elizabeth as the good-natured girl who wants to live a happy life with her husband and children before her father’s death turns her life upside down.

After watching the few episodes of the season 1, “The Crown” fans think Queen Elizabeth would eventually extend an olive branch to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who stepped down from their royal roles earlier this year.

In the TV series, Princess Elizabeth is shown quite upset with the events which forces her to go against the wishes of her husband Prince Philip after she becomes the Queen.

Historical TV series “The Crown”, which is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has attracted a lot of criticism from experts for portrayal of several members of the British royal family.

The events surrounding the engagement and marriage of the Queen Elizabeth are once again under discussion among royal fans after the show gained popularity.

The show’s third episode recreates the ceremony where Philip renounces his titles before his engagement to Elizabeth.

While many British viewers have enjoyed watching “The Crown”, the most recent season has attracted criticism from some commentators over scenes suggesting that the late Princess Diana was treated coldly, even cruelly, by senior royals.

Columnist Simon Jenkins of the Guardian newspaper accused the fourth season of having “upped the fabrication and the offence”.

Arguing that modern history was “too close to what should be sacred ground – bearing witness to passing events”, he wrote that artistic licence could not justify fabrications that showed living or recently dead people in the worst possible light.

Meanwhile, Netflix has rejected a call from Britain’s culture minister to add disclaimers at the start of episodes of its hit series “The Crown” to make clear that it is a work of fiction.

Source: The News

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