Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry could ‘emulate’ the Obamas with a new book deal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are likely to announce a book deal soon after their podcast series, it has been speculated recently.

Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been ‘emulating’ former US president Barak Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama’s post-presidency endeavors.

During a chat with 9Honey, Nicholl claimed that following their lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, a book announcement may soon be on the way.

“The Obamas’ Higher Ground [production company] was always going to be the business model for the Sussexes and that’s exactly what we’re seeing,” she said.

“They are just emulating in each step of what they’re doing and that is because the Obamas’ model has worked,” she went on to say.

“It’s high end, it’s aspirational, it sits very much with the image that the Sussexes are trying to curate for themselves and it’s a successful business model,” she continued.

“So why wouldn’t they look to that for inspiration? I think that’s exactly what they’ve done,” she added.

“I certainly think books are going to be on their agenda. Meghan’s a big fan of self-help books herself, she’s a writer, she loves writing — I mean, look at the piece she wrote for the New York Times,” Nicholl predicted.

“So I think it’s very, very likely that they will move into books, or certainly Meghan particularly,” she shared with the portal.

Apart from the similar deals, the Sussexes and the Obamas also shares the same US speakers agency, The Harry Walker Agency. 

Source: The News

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