Monday, October 25, 2021

Queen Elizabeth under fire ahead of Christmas day speech

Queen Elizabeth has tough task ahead as the royal fans are urging the monarch to take drastic measures to tackle the ongoing crises.

The angry fans are urging the monarch to play her role as a Head of State amid Brexit talks and the coronavirus pandemic.

Th fans are expressing their anger on social media, and reportedly claiming that they will not be watching the Queen’s Christmas speech this year.

Brexit and Covid-19  reportedly delayed the recording of this year’s  Queen’s speech. While some fans are expecting that   the address would, somehow, ease the  suffering of the people.

The UK government is also being blamed of making U-turns on various rules including announcing travel bans for those in London four days before Christmas.

Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas day speech is being considered more important amid ongoing Brexit talks and the coronavirus pandemic, as  several important decisions are taken ‘on behalf’ of the Queen or she exercises her powers at the direction of the Prime Minister.

One person reportedly tweeted: “I am honestly sick to death of hearing that The Queen can do nothing to help this country. She is our head of state and it’s Her Majesty’s Government. I won’t be watching her speech by the Royal Family this year.”

Another person expressed anger and echoed: “The words of our monarch are always just platitudes and meaningless.”

Another angry person on social media said: “I mean, if it’s true that she can literally do nothing, then it’s hard to see what the point of her, or any of her expensive extended family, is.”

According to, others urged for the UK to end the constitutional monarchy and called for the country to “grow up”.

The Queen Elizabeth’s role is purely ceremonial meaning the power to pass legislation resides with the elected Parliament.

Source: The News

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