Thursday, May 26, 2022

DJ Khaled’s $26,000 bag can change colours

DJ Khaled left fans in awe when he decided to show off his latest luxurious gift on Instagram.

In the video post, the bag was clearly an eye-opener as it changed colours via an app but it comes at a tear-jerking price.

As per Khaled, he was eyeing the $26,000 Louis Vuitton bag for a while but could not get his hands on them.

“So, check this out, I’ve been trying to get this bag for a while. She’s given me this app that comes with it where you can change the colours from your phone,” he said.

He thanked his wife for getting him the luxurious gift.

“MAJOR B A G ALERT. MY QUEEN got it for me thank you honey,” the caption read

Take a look:

Source: The News

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