Friday, September 29, 2023

Emma Roberts’ ‘very strict’ attitude for baby Rhodes unearthed: report

Insiders reveal American Horror Story star Emma Roberts is extremely protective about her baby Rhodes and has been very careful over who gets to visit them during the quarantine.

News regarding Roberts’s safety concerns for baby Rhodes have been brought forward by sources close to Entertainment Tonight.

The insider was quoted saying, “[They are] trying to keep the news of her giving birth super low-key and under the radar. They barely told any of their friends and have mainly been relying on their respective families.”

“They have in-house help that is teaching them and helping them out while they’re adjusting, but they are being very strict about quarantining and having visitors and guests.”

The parents are over the moon with their newest edition and are “fully embracing this moment as a couple.” At the same time, however, they made the conscious decision to not “even fully accept presents at the moment. Of course, if someone sends them something, they will, but they aren’t asking for anything.”

Source: The News

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