Monday, October 18, 2021

Zara Holland leaves Barbados without her boyfriend Elliott Love after paying fine

Love Island star Zara Holland reportedly fled Barbados leaving her boyfriend locked up in Covid isolation unit.

On Wednesday, Zara was allowed to leave the Caribbean island nation after paying a £4,417 ($12,000 Barbados dollars) fine for violating Covid rules.

Her boyfriend Elliott Love, who is suffering from Covid-19, will remain in the Paragon military base on the island, which has been converted into a coronavirus isolation place.

Elliott,30,  would be able to leave after he provides two negative tests – but then faces a court appearance and fine of up to £18,000, or a possible jail sentence of up to one year.

Zara and her boyfriend were stopped at the airport as they tried to return to the UK on December 29 after his positive test result.

Zara Holland avoids jail but handed a £4,417 fine after breaking coronavirus laws. She fled  Barbados leaving  Elliott Love locked up in Covid isolation unit.

Source: The News

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