Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bioniks requests President Alvi to subsidise prosthetic limbs

Twitter/@Bioniksorg/via The News
  • Bioniks CEO Anas Niaz meets President Dr Arif Alvi in Islamabad
  • CEO Anas Niaz appeals to Arif Alvi to “allow import of advanced tech machines and provide research grants”
  • President Arif Alvi lauds prosthetics manufacturer “for the great innovations and services”

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani social enterprise engaged in manufacturing of prosthetics has appealed to President Dr Arif Alvi to “allow import of advanced tech machines” and subsidise artificial limbs.

Anas Niaz, the chief executive of prosthetics manufacturer Bioniks, met Arif Alvi earlier this week in Islamabad where the two discussed the company’s work.

Niaz urged the president to help his enterprise subsidise the availability of artificial limbs to Pakistan’s underprivileged people, who were unable to afford them and had to face challenges in their daily lives.

Niaz also appealed to the president to “allow import of advanced tech machines and provide research grants” to Bioniks in a bid to bolster manufacturing and provision of advanced artificial limbs, as well as surgical planning tools, to every person with a mobility impairment.

President Arif Alvi, Bioniks added in its statement, appreciated the social enterprise “for the great innovations and services”.

Source: The News

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