Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Meghan Markle mirrors Princess Diana by ‘overshadowing’ Prince Harry

Meghan Markle seems to be sharing an important trait with her late mother-in-law Princess Diana.

According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex much like the Princess of Wales, has been accused of ‘overshadowing’ her husband Prince Harry.

Royal historian Dr. Piers Brendon had said during a 2017-released Channel 4 documentary that while Camilla was happy to remain in the shadows of Prince Charles, Diana always stole the spotlight from him.

“Charles realised rapidly that [Diana] was doing this to upstage him and he resented it, having always himself in the past occupied the limelight,” he said.

Meghan has been accused of doing pretty much the same as earlier this month, royal expert Angela Levin said Prince Harry has accepted being in the shadows of his wife.

She wrote a piece for the Telegraph, claiming: “He was understandably thrilled when Meghan lovingly said to him during their engagement interview that ‘it is time to work as a team with you’.”

“But are they an equal team of two? Of course, he would not be the first man to be besotted with a beautiful woman with a different agenda that he then meekly adopts as his own. While he balked at being ‘the spare’ to Prince William, he seems to accept being second to Meghan,” she said. 

Source: The News

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