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The Crown: No one wanted Prince Philip but Queen Elizabeth got the man she wanted

Netflix show “The Crown” has been criticized  for its portrayal  of several members of the British royal family. Netflix recently  refused to add a disclaimer  before the start of the each episode that the show is  a work of fiction.

In its first season the show also sheds light on the lover affair of Princess  Margaret and the troubles it caused for the young Queen Elizabeth. 

The Queen breaks her promise she makes to her sister Princess Margaret after the latter falls in love with Peter Townsend in popular series.

In the episode titled “Gelignite” , the monarch is visited by the Mother Queen and a senior royal official to convince her to change her decision after she gives her consent to the wedding,.

The Queen is advised that she can prevent the marriage because her 23 year old sister is required to seek her consent.

He mother says, “We want Margaret to be happy, to have the man she wants.But we must do everything in our power to protect you as Queen..”

The official tells the Queen that Royal Marriages Act of 1772 decrees until the age of 25, any member of the Royal family must secure the sovereign’s permission to marry.

Queen insists, “I have given Margaret my word and I am determined to support her. They can marry in Scotland where I am not head of the Church.’

Her mother says, “If Margaret were to marry Peter, it would be scandal.”

She tells the Queen, “Don’t mistake your current popularity for long-term security. Your uncle’s affair and abdication almost destroyed the monarchy. This could too.”

The Queen is advised that the ill match might threaten the integrity of the Royal house.

In the next scene the Queen asks her sister to wait for the marriage until she is 25 and keep a distance from Townsend to avoid media scrutiny.

The Group Captain Townsend is asked to accompany the Queen to Belfast while Margaret travels to Rhodesia with a promise that the couple would be allowed some time together before Townsend is posted in Brussels on a diplomatic mission.

When the Queen tries to convince Margaret, he sister says, “If i do this for you, will you promise me that this banishment wont start until after our trip to Rhodesia?.” The Queen makes a promise.

In another seen Margaret tells her lover, “No one wanted Philip. She (Queen) dug her heels in and got the man she wanted.?

As soon as the Queen returns to London, Captain Townsend is forced to immediately leave for Brussels against the agreement reached between the Queen and sister. 

Source: The News

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