Wednesday, June 29, 2022

‘Princess Diana would’ve done everything in her power to damage monarchy’

Princess Diana’s life within the British royal family was tumultuous to say the least.

And while the late royal was certainly mistreated in her marriage with Prince Charles, a royal commentator has suggested that the Princess of Wales would have done anything in her power to cause damage to the royal family.

This comes after Diana’s former love Dr. Hasnat Khan recently opened up about her getting manipulated by BBC into giving the infamous Panorama interview that damaged not just the royals but Diana as well owing to the harsh consequences.

Talking to RAI programme Unomattina, Ilaria Grillini dismissed his comments about Diana getting manipulated and said that she wanted to damage the monarchy as well with her rash statements.

“He was Diana’s great love, a very nice person by the way. Perhaps the only one who has never given interviews, the only person who has been in contact with Diana and has not ‘sold her’,” she said.

“And now he’s come up with the BBC interview story, saying she was duped. Now there is an investigation underway so we will have to see. However Diana at that time would have done anything to damage the Royal Family,” she added.

“She was of age, she was 35, she gave an interview to the BBC. She had to pay for the consequences,” she added. 

Source: The News

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