Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Kylie Jenner’s former bff Jordyn Wood’s beau tests positive for Covid-19

Kylie Jenner’s ex best friend Jordyn Woods gave her boyfriend Karl Anthony Towns love and support after news broke that he tested positive for Covid-19.

Taking to Instagram stories, the social media personality said that while she and her family were free of the virus, her beau needed prayers.

“My family and I all got tested for COVID and the results came back negative so we are all good but continue to pray for Karl for a speedy recovery,” she wrote.

Woods also penned a message to her boyfriend, encouraging him to fight off the virus, which unfortunately took his mother and six of his family members lives. His father also contracted the virus but made a full recovery.

“You’re a true fighter this is not fair or right that you were put in this position when you were just trying to do your job. You got this,” she wrote.

Source: The News

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