Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger drops famous movie lines as he receives COVID-19 vaccine

Legendary Hollywood actor and former California governor received the Covid-19 vaccine at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday.

The actor shared the video of himself on Instagram, which shows him receiving his vaccine for COVID. 

In the clip, Arnold can be seen sitting passenger-side in an SUV as a medical staffer sticks with a needle and injects the serum.

The actor  captioned the post: ‘Today was a good day. I have never been happier to wait in a line. If you’re eligible, join me and sign up to get your vaccine. Come with me if you want to live!’

Arnold  dropped two famous movie lines during his vaccination, one from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and one from “Jingle All the Way.” 

He asked the lady to “put that needle down!” as she’s injecting him, which is a reference to ‘JATW’ when he told his schmucky neighbor, Ted, to put the cookies down that he was salivating over. 

The second one is more  iconic: “Come with me if you want to live,” which is what the Model 101 Terminator told Sarah Connor in the legendary sequel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger urged the people to join him and sign up to get their vaccine if they’re eligible.

Source: The News

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