Thursday, October 21, 2021

Prince Charles ‘unfit’ to become king as he ‘likes to keep sycophants around him’

Prince Charles is unarguably not the most popular member of the British royal family.

And for that reason, many royal fans and critics have expressed their views in favour of his son Prince William taking over the throne instead of the heir apparent.

And while skipping a generation is impossible, experts continue to bash the Prince of Wales and his inability to become a respected monarch.

Royal commentator and writer Clive Irving said in his latest interview that it is a “pity” that the crown cannot directly hand over the throne to the Duke of Cambridge.

Irving claimed that the Duke of Cornwall was a “fundamentally 18th century figure” who isn’t fit to rule a modern monarchy.

He went on to claim that Charles also likes “to have sycophants around him, which is not a good sign for a future ruler.”

“It’s a pity they can’t jump straight from the Queen to William, they can’t do that because that’s not how the constitution works,” said Irving.

“While the whole opera of the royal family is a great attraction, it’s outlived its time in terms of its grander purpose. Lots of members of the royal family are freeloading off the idea of the royal family,” he said. 

Source: The News

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