Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Blake Lively gets candid about her postpartum insecurities

American actor Blake Lively is loved not just for her on-screen brilliance but also for being a hands-on mom to her three kids.

In her recent Instagram photo of her January 2020 appearance The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Gossip Girl star, 33, got candid about her postpartum struggles.

Addressing her insecurities following the birth of her third child, Lively wrote: “I put together a @lavinoffical shirt and dress from @netaporter to make this pretty outfit, because no one had samples that fit me after giving birth.”

“And so many clothes from stores didn’t fit either. So. Many,” she said.

“It doesn’t send a great message to women when their bodies don’t fit into what brands have to offer. It’s alienating and confusing. And I wish I felt as confident then as I do now, a year later looking back. That body gave me a baby. And was producing that baby’s entire food supply. What a beautiful miracle.”

She went on to say that “instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Simply because I didn’t fit into clothes. How silly is that in retrospect.”

Source: The News

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