Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Duchess Camilla’s thoughts on Prince William, Kate difference of interests leaked: report

Experts and royal commenters weigh in Duchess Camilla’s thoughts regarding Kate Middleton and Prince William’s major ‘gap’ in interests.

This observation was brought forward by royal expert Tom Quinn and during his interview with Channel 5, he added, “I’d heard that Camilla wasn’t very keen on Catherine. She didn’t shoot, she wasn’t very interested in horses particularly.”

“There was too much of a gap and William would feel it. But I think it’s true to say that Camilla later warmed to Catherine and recognised her solid virtues.”

Even narrator Glynis Barber added to the conversation and said, “It’s the one palace they can almost guarantee privacy which is probably why so many royal relationships have blossomed there. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent time there when Kate was first being introduced to the family.”

Source: The News

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