Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Biden turns the page on Trump

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden will call on Tuesday for his administration to streamline the naturalisation of nine million migrants, senior officials said, as part of a raft of steps aimed at rolling back the “failed” policies of his hardline Republican predecessor.

The Democratic president will sign a series of executive orders overhauling the US immigration process on Tuesday, officials said, signaling a return to a more inclusive policy. Biden is also set to order a review of all legal obstacles to immigration and integration that were put in place under Donald Trump.

“The review will likely lead to dramatic changes in policies,” according to a senior government official, saying the goal is “to restore faith in our legal immigration system, and promote integration of Americans.”

“President Trump was so focused on the wall that he did nothing to address the root cause of why people are coming to our southern border,” the official said.

“It was a limited, wasteful and naive strategy, and it failed.” In line with campaign promises, one of the orders will put in place a working group tasked with reuniting migrant families separated by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy put in place in 2018. That policy allowed officials to prosecute and deport adults who had entered the US illegally.

Source: The News

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