Tuesday, November 29, 2022

BTS shed light on the troubles they faced through fame

BTS shed light on the troubles they faced through fame

BTS recently got candid over their rise to fame and the struggles that followed them along the way.

The boys touched on it all during their interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and their leader RM was quoted saying, “At least we’ve got six people beside us that understand each other.”

RM also touched upon the importance of having companions while on the road to success and told the host, “I’m really grateful that I have these six people.”

Shortly after, even J-Hope dived into the conversation and explained, “Honestly, at this moment, I feel like I am living a life to fulfil a calling” and the only thing speaking to him is personal fulfillment and gratefulness.

“My personal motto in life is to be thankful at all times despite whatever happens and to enjoy the moment. Therefore I try to live an accepting life.”

He even added, “I think things that we need to bear and carry through our lives should be recognised by ourselves. This seems to be very important for all of us.”

RM on the other hand has a different view of fame, he believes it “actually provides us with so many things” and “We’re one of the luckiest ones who have had those stadium concerts and Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones.”

Source: The News

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