Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez willing to do everything to mend relationship

Alex Rodriguez has scheduled planned trips to Dominican Republic every 10 days to see Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are giving it their all to mend ties with each other. 

The former MLB star and the Latino singer are willing to put extra effort to work through their issues.

The power couple reunited in Dominican Republic and according to an insider, are ‘putting work in.’

“They’re doing what they said they’re going to do,” a source told Page Six on Monday. “You have to be together to do that.”

The information came after Alex scheduled planned trips to DR every 10 days to see J.Lo.

“Clearly they’re putting the work in,” the source added.

The outlet earlier reported that J.Lo and A-Rod have broken up after four years of dating each other.

If rumours are to be believed, they did split for a brief period of time, before reuniting shortly in Dominican Republic.

Source: The News

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