Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Take a look at Halyna Hutchins’ last photo before tragic death

Allegedly what is said to be the last photo of Halyna Hutchins is making rounds on the internet.

The late cinematographer, who was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin on the movie set Rust, was snapped working.

The 42-year-old was seen dressed in a white beanie with a pair of headphones with her back to the camera while Alec was seen standing in costume.

The photo was shared by the film’s chief electrician, Serge Svetnoy, who previously worked with her.

Serge recalled that he had “her blood was on my hands” as he held her as she was dying.

In a post on Facebook, he pinned the blame on producers for her death and called out “negligence and unprofessionalism” of the armorers.

He added that the picture was “the last photo with Halyna on set”.

Take a look:

Take a look at Halyna Hutchins last photo before tragic death

Source: The News

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