Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Xi calls for new progress in mly equipment, weapons

BEIJING: China’s President Xi Jinping called for efforts to “break new ground” in military equipment and weapons development for the People’s Liberation Army, China’s armed forces, according to a report from the official Xinhua media on Tuesday.

Xi, who is also chair of China’s central military commission (CMC), made the comments at a conference in Beijing, according to the report. China’s strategic capabilities had been enhanced by “leapfrog development” in military equipment and weapons, said Xi.

Zhang Youxia, vice chairman of the CMC, also said that China should pursue self-reliance in technology and make an “all-out” push to accelerate modernisation and build a “world-class” army, according to the report. Hailing the historic achievements in weaponry and equipment development over the past five years.

Source: The News

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