Thursday, December 2, 2021

Maya Ali launches complaint to PM Imran Khan against ‘uneducated’ lawyers

Maya Ali launches complaint against ‘uneducated’ lawyers to PM Imran Khan

Actor Maya Ali is raising her voice against a viral video of ‘uneducated’ lawyers beating up a woman.

Turning to her Instagram on Wednesday, the Teefa In Trouble star shared her utmost disgust on a clip that features a group of lawyers harassing and striking a woman for filing complaint against a fellow lawyer.

“Just saw a very disturbing video on social media where sick, mental, uneducated, or should I call them educated animals were beating a woman so badly. I have no words to describe my feelings after watching that barbaric incident,” wrote Maya in a lengthy note.

Maya Ali launches complaint to PM Imran Khan against uneducated lawyers

The star then went on to appeal PM Imran Khan to take immediate action against the barbaric act.

“Aren’t they suppose[sic] to fight for justice or give justice to people. I am requesting the honourable government of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take strict action against them and cancel their law license and punish them severely so that they can never think about doing this even in their dreams again,” wrote Maya before tagging Imran Khan on his Instagram handle.

Source: The News

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