Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Zara Tareen throws major shade at ‘unprofessional’ Fahad Mustafa

Tareen’s comments came after Mustafa asked bloggers to stop reviewing films soon after release

Actor Zara Tareen seems to have a bone to pick with Fahad Mustafa after his recent comments asking bloggers to not review films upon release made headlines.

Soon after Mustafa took to Instagram to say that “reviews can damage a film big time”, Tareen issued a scathing reply on her own Instagram story.

“I’m not sure reviews damage film or the industry in any way but doing films for free as a rule certainly damages the market for an entire profession,” she first said, seemingly referencing the fact that Fahad did a recent Nabeel Qureshi film for free.

Zara Tareen throws major shade at ‘unprofessional’ Fahad Mustafa

She ended the note with #ShutUpMufasa, making sure to not take Mustafa’s name and instead using the name of a character from Lion King.

She didn’t stop there, however, going on to pen yet another note soon after, this time disguising it as an ‘apology’ – to Mufasa, not Mustafa.

“I wholeheartedly take back my words, I should not have insulted Mufasa by using his name,” she said.

Tareen then lashed out directly at Mustafa saying, “Using his name in place of a loud mouth, unprofessional, entitled, badtameez (ill-mannered) brat was uncalled for.”

Zara Tareen throws major shade at ‘unprofessional’ Fahad Mustafa

We’re unsure what exactly incited this response from Tareen but we’re interested to see if and how Mustafa responds!

Source: The News

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